Personal Profile

As an artist I like to use a range of different mediums and select these to suit various projects. I’m currently working on a series of oil sketches entitled 100 Houses. The project began in March 2018 to explore the idea of the House and how the self can be realised through its many forms. These paintings have arisen from the interest I have in urban landscape and architecture and my desire to express the symbolic meanings they hold for me.





I take inspiration from everyday and ordinary stuff. My interest is in looking and interpreting what I see to get a different sense of it. As an artist I like to use a range of different mediums, styles and approaches to suit various ongoing projects.

More recently my focus has shifted to the area in and around where I now live. My paintings are not typical views of Nottingham. They are of the back streets, unloved spaces where people come and go about their daily routines. I want to make these places special, to make people notice the unnoticeable and see something different in their environment.  

Moving temporarily away from painting, in 2017 I began working on a series of coloured pencil drawings influenced mostly by objects and mini environments. In removing environmental context, forms are isolated, appearing more as sculptural pieces. Landscapes are reduced to basic organic shapes which are clustered and arranged to suggest dreamlike scenes.

Shaun Belcher / Zenon Gradkowski / Jane Gill / Daniel Hunt / Steven Ingman / Stephen Jon / Antonietta Sacco /
Anne Standing / Gabriel Tejada / Linda Wallis

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